I = Intermediate

You take Lindy Hop classes at least for 1 year – cca 40 classes done. You can lead/ follow basic steps with no errors but can mix in more difficult figures. You know at least these steps/ figures – basic 8 count, swing out, 6 count, inside/ outside turn, Texas Tommy, flying Charleston, tandem Charleston. You should be also familiar with basic jazz steps. There will be no audition for this level.

A = Advanced

You take Lindy Hop classes at least for 3 years – cca 120 classes done. You go regularly to international camps/ workshops in advance level. You have no problem with leading / following, improvisation, really fast and also slow music. You are skilled in jazz steps and also other dance techniques such as balboa, shag, Charleston, etc. You need to attend the little audition on Saturday morning to do this level.



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